Our Team

Annie - Owner, Reiki Master / Massage Therapy / Kinesiologist


Annie established The Healing Cottage in 2004, and loves finding out what people’s true needs are, so they can have the best level of healing and the best experience for them.

She is warm, helping, caring and funny.

She has nearly 20 years experience as a massage therapist, but has branched out into many other areas of metaphysical healing, including becoming a Reiki Master Teacher who facilitates Reiki 1, 2 & Masters workshops which are run from the Cottage, and she is happy to do one on one or couples workshops for a more personalized experience.

She is also a RAW (Rekindled Ancient Wisdom) practitioner. RAW is a form of energetic healing that uses kinesiology (both written and spoken) to work through many levels of blocked energy, from past life, inner child, parent gene, ego, physical body, etc.

Call and have a chat with her today about the unique qualities and skills that the Cottage’s therapists have, to help in choosing the modality for YOUR highest good.

Annie is facilitating Reiki 1, Reiki 2 & Reiki Masters Attunement workshops - check our Workshops page for details.

She is available Tuesday to Saturday by appointment.


  • Diploma of Remedial Massage - 1999
  • Advanced Remedial Massage - 2002
  • Anatomy and Physiology Practical - 2003
  • Myofascial Release Cert 1,2,3,4, 2002-2003
  • Cert. of Aromatherapy - 2000
  • Cert. of Mothercare Massage - 2003
  • Cert. in Hot Stone Massage - 2004
  • Cert. Holistic Counselling - 2002
  • Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Kinesiology Cert 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11- 2004 -2018
  • Reiki Master. International House of Reiki. – 2003
  • Seichim 1 & 2 – 2001
  • Cert. of Kahuna 2013

Beth - Massage Therapist


As a former athlete, Beth comes from a very strong sporting background, and is passionate about helping you achieve your full potential!

Playing high level soccer, open water swimming and body building has given Beth a unique understanding of body kinetics and different training style requirements. Beth has a deep belief in remedial massage being an integral part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and injury prevention.

She also has strong holistic beliefs, and has an extra-ordinary ability to manifest everything she needs in a crazy-quick turnaround!

Beth is available for sports, remedial and deep tissue treatments 5 days a week at The Healing Cottage – Monday - Friday.


  • Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Level 1 Sports Trainer

Carley - Massage Therapist


Carley's areas of specialty include remedial and sports massage, lymphatic drainage, pre and post-natal massage, and working with people with disabilities.

Carley has 18 years clinical experience as a remedial massage therapist and is passionate about providing results-based massage treatments to assist her clients with musculoskeletal related pain and discomfort. Much of her career has been spent specializing in working with people suffering severe injury and disabilities including spinal injury, stroke and neurological diseases.

As a qualified Aromatherapist, Carley is also able to combine her knowledge and love of essential oils to assist clients with their physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
An Aromatherapy Massage typically entails a short consultation which allows Carley to design your very own, tailor-made essential oil blend . This blend is then used for your aromatherapy massage, an indulgent and blissful experience.
Unique from other styles of massage, it is formulated to allow maximum absorption and benefit of the essential oils into your senses, and works on the physical, emotional and energetic fields. After your massage you get to take your personalized oil blend home to continue enjoying its benefits.
Allow approximately an hour and 20 minutes for an Aromatherapy massage experience.
Sessions must be booked 24hrs in advance.

Carley is available at The Healing Cottage on Mondays and Thursdays.


  • Dip. Remedial Massage
  • Dip. Aromatherapy
  • Cert. Infant Massage Instructor
  • Cert. Mothercare Massage

Tekura - Massage Therapist


Tekura hails from French Polynesia, and is our newest Remedial Therapist!

She is passionate about natural therapy and healing, and cares deeply about helping her clients achieve optimum health. She uses remedial massage and stretching techniques to help clients with their range of movement and pain/injury management, and is also a Reiki practitioner.

Tekura comes from a clinical and day spa background, but prefers the more relaxing and less clinical approach of The Healing Cottage, where she can be herself, and be close to nature which is her other great passion.

Tekura is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and every 2nd Saturday for Remedial Massage and Reiki at The Healing Cottage.


  • Dip. Remedial Massage
  • Certificate Reiki 2
  • Certificate Myofascial Cupping

Fiona - Reiki/Intuitive Massage


Fiona is eloquence personified! She is a highly intuitive and healing massage therapist who is also a Yoga Master Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher.

Fiona works intuitively with Source to tap into and remove blockages from unreleased emotional pain.

She is able to find blocked energy within the aura and physical body using breath and sound to vibrationally release stagnant energy.

She is a great listener and offers heartfelt holistic inspiration and direction.

Fiona is available at The Healing Cottage Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  • Intuitive Massage Therapist
  • Reiki Master
  • Yoga Teacher

Sue - Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression / Pranic Healing


Sue is an Earth Angel: she is very supportive and loving and has been with the Cottage for many years as our resident Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression practitioner, Pranic Healer and Reiki Master.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. The hypnotic state allows people to be more open to positive suggestion in order to help overcome phobias, addictions, anxiety, painful memories, sleep disorders, grief, and self-limiting behaviours.

Sue also blends Hypnotherapy and healing in her Past Life Regression treatments to take you to the source of an issue that may have originated many lifetimes ago, but is still affecting you in this life time.
Old beliefs and feelings of limitations and blockages become stored in our body, mind and soul, and can manifest as physical imbalance, so this process helps you uncover the very core of the issues that you are experiencing in your life, helping you to access deep healing and insights.

Pranic Healing is an energy-based healing system where the practitioner scans your Chakras to find out where the blockages or holes are, then cleans out and re-energizes the Chakra using breath-work and colour therapy.
Pranic Healing accelerates the body's innate ability to heal itself, and has helped with a large spectrum of physical and psychological conditions, including: ulcers, back pain, asthma, migraines, mental illness, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and more.
During your session, you will also have the opportunity to receive Pranic Psychology with Sue to talk through whatever issues are being brought up during the healing.

Sue is an emotional healer and counselor who can balance the whole being for healing and growth in your highest good.

Sue is available any time by appointment - call 07 5500 4299 to book.


  • Diploma In clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy (incl. Medical Hypnotherapy)
  • Cert. Advanced Regression & Past Life Therapies
  • Advanced Pranic Healing & Advanced Pranic Psychotherapy

Kel - Yoga Teacher & Soul Coach


If you are experiencing blockages within your life, be they mental, emotional or physical, Kel possesses qualifications across a range of modalities to help you navigate a brighter future.

Kel is our resident Soul Coach & Yoga Coach. She has a Masters degree in Transpersonal (body, mind & spirit) Psychology, and is
the Director of The Awaken In Yoga Teacher Training School offering 200 Hour reg. Yoga teacher training & Yoga classes by appointment.

She holds Yoga classes here on Tuesdays from 12.30 - 1.30 and 6.15 - 7.30, and Thursday evenings 6.15 - 7.25. These classes are small and very personalized, so bookings are essential. Individual Yoga Programs also available.

Monthly on Mondays she facilitates Chat & Chai, in which everyone is encouraged to come along and share their stories in sacred space and conversation, in order to see their story from a different perspective that can help release attachment to old thought and emotional patterns. Her Chai is also SECOND TO NONE, and comes in both dairy and soy options. Check our Workshops page for dates.

She also facilitates our weekly guided meditation, in which she intuitively guides through the theme of the meditation on the day that will be meditated upon in the evening. Wednesday nights, 7pm.

Kel is available at The Healing Cottage on Tuesdays by appointment.

For more info, visit her website www.awakenin.com.au or call us at the Cottage on 07 5500 4299.


  • Masters degree in Energy, Body, Mind (transpersonal) Psychology
  • Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Yoga School Director
  • Certified Yoga Teacher restorative, yin, power/flow, childrens
  • Yoga Alliance Reg Yoga Teacher 500 hr.
  • Yoga Australia Level 2 Teacher
  • Certified IV Training & Assessment



Sabine has 18 years experience as a Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) therapist, working in such renowned day spas and retreats as Golden Door, Gwinganna, and the Hyatt.

She has developed her own unique style over many years, combining remedial, intuitive and Reiki techniques into the relaxing and flowing body work of Lomi Lomi.
She also gives specific attention to the areas of the body that she is intuitively guided to treat.

Lomi Lomi is a type of massage that originated in Hawaii.
Rooted in Huna (a Hawaiian philosophy centered on achieving the harmony of mind, body, and spirit), Lomi Lomi promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and provides physical, spiritual and emotional well being.
Lomi Lomi massage clears blockages in the body's natural flow of energy, making it helpful for lymphatic drainage, and the release of old cellular memory stored in the body.

Sabine is also a Reiki Master, and Crystal Healing practitioner.

She is available at The Healing Cottage Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Kathy - Clairvoyant


Kathy is a Clairvoyant who gives highly intuitive and incredibly accurate past, present and future readings.

She receives information from her Spirit Guides, as well as using tools such as Angel Cards that she infuses with your energy to gain more information about your direction.


Angela, Brisbane - "Kathy is amazing! I can't believe how accurate her readings are on past, present and future experiences that have occurred or come to fruition in my life. I can't recommend her enough"

Taylah, NSW – "I travel quite a distance each year to have a reading by Kathy and I am never disappointed. She is able to pass on accurate messages from my loved ones that have passed on as well as give me a great insight into what is to come. I am always happy to share my readings with Kathy and recommend her to my family and friends"

Katherine, Brisbane – "My daughter and I are always blown away when we visit Kathy for a reading. She has been able to warn us of incidents and injuries as well as pass on messages from loved ones that brings us to tears each time. She is also so accurate it is scary. Always excited to book in and visit Kathy and will always be happy to recommend her to others."

Tracey, Brisbane – "Kathy is amazing! All my friends and I RAVE about her readings and are always keen to get together for a reading day. So accurate and the most beautiful person you could meet! I tell everyone to go and have a reading with Kathy. She is worth every cent."

Kathy is available at The Healing Cottage every second Saturday, and by appointment - ph: 07 5500 4299 to book

Sally - Medium


Sally is a gifted Medium who communicates messages from passed over loved ones and Spirit Guides.

She specializes in passing on messages of love and healing in order to assist you with moving forward in life with calmness and closure.

She is able to help you understand, accept and have compassion for past experiences/people in your life.

Sally says, "I am grateful for a gift serving others in finding peace and healing to move forward in love and light.
My goal is to pass on messages from Spirit in a down-to-earth manner surrounded by love and freedom, and to heal all those hoping to connect spiritually. I understand I may not be everyone’s answer but I do wish to be an assistance to a higher vibration of living. I will help to unlock answers to your life purpose allowing you to move forward with loving energy."

Sally is available by appointment at The Healing Cottage for Mediumship Readings - call us on 07 5500 4299

Belinda - Clairvoyant


Meet Belinda - She is new to our team of Clairvoyant readers, having just moved to the Gold Coast from Hervey Bay.

Belinda uses Gypsy Fortune Telling cards, as well as intuitive information from her guides, and provides accurate information for what is happening in your life right now, and the immediate future.

She is able to give you clarity on your direction and journey through life, and can answer any questions you may have to help you with your purpose and direction.

"Belinda is a gifted reader. She creates a divine sacred space and assists you to connect in and receive the messages and healing that you need. Belinda is warm and open, and you can instantly feel the loving and peaceful energy that she radiates." - Leona C

"Thank you so much Belinda for doing a reading for me. You were very in tune with your guides and gave a very accurate reading, answering all of my questions without me having to ask them" - Felicity H

"Wow. What can I say, but a huge thank you to you Belinda.
You totally blew me away with the reading that I received. This was my first and you certainly made me comfortable throughout the reading. Thank you so much... I will definitely return again." - Joanne T

Belinda is available every second Saturday, and on weekdays by appointment

Pete - Liquid Crystals


Pete has been a part of The Healing Cottage family for many years! He combines the wisdom and power of multiple specialty modalities, to provide healing on all levels of your being.

Specifically he uses Reiki, Liquid Crystals, Liquid Trees, Star Child medicine and Munay-Ki -

- Liquid Crystals are geometric vibrational remedies made from Earth’s Metals, Minerals and Crystals. These work with our energetic and DNA structures to heal in a profound way
Liquid Crystals are taken orally and are natural, organic and holistic. They will not affect any other medication or treatments, and there are no known side effects.

-Liquid Trees are a follow on from Liquid Crystals and are activators and integrators.

-Munay-Ki is an energetic transmission that heals the wounds of the past – the karmic and genetic programs and beliefs that you inherited.
From the ancient Americas, the Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field and balance your feminine and masculine aspects.
An enabler that re-informs your DNA, supporting your body to heal, age, die and renew differently.

-Reiki is the application of Universal Life Force Energy to facilitate healing on all levels of your being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
Rei is defined as higher intelligence that guides us, and Ki is defined as the non-physical energy that animates all living things

Pete is available at The Healing Cottage after 3pm weekdays, by appointment. Phone us on 07 5500 4299 to book.


  • Adv. Liquid Crystal Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Adv. Star Child Practitioner
  • Liquid Tree Practitioner
  • Munay-Ki Practitioner