Aura, Chakra, Crystal

Aura cleansing

The healer comes through your aura to support you in releasing foreign energy and psychic debris, negative entities. By cleansing the aura and keeping it flowing and clear prevents the dis-ease manifesting in the physical body. The healer perceives this debris by feeling heat, cold, form or seeing. The debris is released from the aura and the aura is then smoothed and redefined.

Chakra Balancing

Each chakra relates to specific organs, emotions, thoughts and interrelationship of the physical body and spirit. The activity of one chakra affects the other especially those on each side. An imbalance in our subtle body of the chakras can drag us down, depressing the spirit emotions and leading to negative thoughts. The healer uses either a pendulum or hands to read release negativity and rebalance each individual chakra.

Aura Cleanse & Chakra Balance 1 hr $80

Crystal Healing

CRYSTAL HEALING is a method of delivering healing vibrations through a laying on the body of gemstones and minerals. Crystals are powerful vibrational healing tools in assisting with your healing process.

Crystals have vibrations that can help to heal specific imbalance patterns in the body and aura (energy field). The structure of different crystal formations give the minerals and gemstones their individual ‘personalities’ or vibration. These vibrational patterns are transmitted to our bodies physically and energetically. If used consciously, (such as in programming your intention), they have a powerful healing affect.

Crystals work to realign subtle energies and dissolve disease, assisting us to reach the root causes of an issue. Through vibrational resonance, they re-balance the bio magnetic sheath that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, and activate linkage points to the chakras which regulate the body’s energy system.

Crystal healing is non-invasive and can be safely used to support any physical treatments or medicines you may be using.

90 min Crystal Healing Layout $120