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Reiki Share Night – Thursday the 1 November 2017

Reiki Share Night (1)

A night for those Reiki Practioners (those already Reiki Attuned) to come together to provide each other with healing Reiki. Experience the profound healing of receiving Reiki from multiple practioners simultaneously and participate in providing it for others.

This is a wonderful way to defrag the mind and detox the physical body.

Phone us on (07) 5500 4299 to secure your spot.

Investment: $10.00

Pre-requisite: Reiki training and attunement

P. S…. There will be a special announcement on the night about an upcoming training opportunity.



Spiritual Development

By popular demand, we’ve added a second intake for this course!
Join us for this 6 week course where you will learn and practice:

• Psychic readings (Tarot cards and auras)
• Mediumship readings
• Pendulum readings
• Meeting your Guides
• Developing the ‘Clairs’
• Energy levels and protection
• Healing energy / Chakra balancing
– Small and supportive group environment
– Limited spaces available 
– Each Monday from 7pm to 8:30pm –

– Investment: $180 (covers the 6 weeks)

– Commences: 30 October, 2017

>>> To book please phone (07) 5500 4299 (Mon – Fri) to confirm and arrange to make your payment prior to commencement.

Facilitator: Debbie Bullions (Psychic Medium, CACR)



Angel Essentials

Join the Cottage’s meditation failitator, Sue Shepherd, for this 6 week intensive course delving into how the Angels can heal and assist you in all facets of your life!

These weekly sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, however allow for extra time if needed

Week 1: Opening with a guided meditation and becoming accustomed to the Angelic realm; Clearing blockages to make way for receiving your Angel guides; Learning the heirarchy of Archangels and Angels

Week 2: Letter of intention to the Angel guides; Personal Angel card reading and integration with your own Angelic guide/s

Week 3: Channeling your own personal Angelic clearing symbols; Chakra and aura cleanse and aura massage

Week 4: Healing and releasing process

Week 5: Angelic Gestational Journey – Working with the Angels to take you on a journey back through each month of your time in your mother’s womb. This will include learning which Angels were with you during your gestation and uncovering your parents state of being during your conception and gestation period.

Week 6: On this final week you will create Angelic holy water which holds the ability to bless and heal yourself and others, and integrate all you have learned into your being, allowing you to more easily access your own Angelic healing and messages, and more

Tuesday evenings x6
7pm to 9pm

Commences: 7/11/17

Investment: $180.00

Facilitator: Sue Shepherd

To register your interest and secure your booking please phone The Healing Cottage on (07) 5500 4299 or Sue Shepherd on (04) 1622 8309.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have missed the commencement of any of these courses or events, please phone us to pre-register your interest for when it runs again.