Energy Healing

Energy healing services at the cottage are made up of a number of modalities. These address the whole person body, mind and energy or spirit. Each are often combined intuitively with permission given to the healer or therapist.

At the cottage, we choose to work with those who are skilled and honoured in their field of service. We seek to acknowledge each individual journey of healing and transformation and so provide choice of modality and therapist in support.

As a business we seek to align ourselves in integrity for the highest good of all. As part of this commitment; specialty therapists are invited to be part of the cottage as part of our products and services offered.

We invite you to consider receiving healing from a range of different energy healing modalities to align with your needs and/or feel right for you.

Each modality can be used separately or in combination on your request.

Please select the name of each modality to find out more…

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