R.A.W Rekindled Ancient Wisdom


Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional energy balancing system.  It looks at unlocking the healing potential within, so that you are able to heal yourself through all parts of the Being and dimensional pathways.

When our healing pathways are blocked, we experience imbalances emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually or on any level of the Being.

RAW looks at identifying programming that is blocking your self-healing mechanism and holding you back, then replaces this old programming with new programming, in the form of affirmations.

When old programmes are identified, your energies swing into action and remove the programmes that no longer serve and then they find new programmes that allow the systems to run more smoothly. This is done with the use of muscle testing (Kinesiology)

The focus of RAW is to get the energies back into their personal power – it is from here that changes can be made.

RAW is a written and spoken modality, in which the recipient remains fully clothed, face up on the massage table. It is completely non-invasive and highly relaxing, but extremely effective.

We have helped people balance their physical and emotional pain, money and career, relationships, health, trauma cycles/patterns, addictions, and more.

Annie has completed all 12 Levels of Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, and has 20 years experience as a Light Worker.

RAW Session –

90 mins – $140

2 hours  $160

RAW Brilliance of Light Balance –  1hr $80