R.A.W Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom: (RAW) Metaphysical (energetic ) Kinesiology

“You are your own healer – allow this to take place” – R.A.W

Access more than conscious mind using all 12 parts of your being to heal your ‘self’. R.A.W uses the healing methods of the ancients by inviting intention with conscious mind self-healing. In any balance energy is used and directed through affirmations, symbols and words to balance the R.A.W receiver. Each session is unique to the individual.

Identify & release core issues such as:


EMPOWER yourself to do whatever it is you wish to do in your life. RAW will lift your energy, giving you clarity, strength and direction to reach your personal goals.

Allow in peace & harmony along with self-acceptance which in turn allows acceptance of others and respect for our differences.


About receiving RAW…

Each session is unique to the individual. This is a process where the therapist acts in service in the healing and transformation of the receiver of the balance.

RAW is a written & spoken modality which is done in a private, comfortable and sacred space where the client is supported while receiving their session.

Issues that are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are all dealt with within the RAW balance. As the client you have the choice to write down what you choose to address in the balance prior to the session before to allow the session directed to the self-healing desired or allow the session to unfold in alignment with the moment.

In consciously realising that which can be healed, released and transformed there is freedom.

“Our freedom lies in our ability to respond to situations as they are, stay in our power, remain true to ourselves always and let go of that which we cannot change.” – RAW
Annie Cram has completed the full 10 level course of RAW. Please Ask for Annie on appointment. Each Session allow – 2 hours  $140

RAW Brilliance of Light Balance $75