Training, Workshops & Gatherings

We hold a variety of courses at The Healing Cottage. Below is a listing of the current start dates for our latest courses.


PLEASE BE ADVISED – Cancellation policy: If cancelling within 5 working days from the start date of your course/workshop, or no-show, you will be refunded 50% of the course fee if paid in full. If a deposit has been paid, the deposit is non-refundable.




Spiritual Development

Join us to step into your Psychic and Mediumship potential in this comprehensive Level 1 course which covers:

 – Developing ‘The Clairs’ – Psychic readings (Aura reading, Tarot/Oracle reading) – Pendulum use – Mediumship readings

– Meeting and establishing relationships with your Guides and Angels – Energy levels and protection –

– Healing energy and chakra balancing –

Who might benefit from this course?

.> Those seeking Spiritual experiences  > People drawn to all things Spiritual but for whom books and videos are not providing the experiences wanted

> Those who’ve had Spiritual experiences and are looking to replicate the experiences consistently and at will  > People who may have some capability but want create a firm foundation and consistency across a range of skills

Testimonials from previous participants in the Spiritual Development Level 1 Course:

Deb is a wonderful and very clear teacher. Very gentle, beautiful approach and always clear. I didn’t realise all of my abilities but due to Deb’s teachings, I have found that I have skills and gifts that I never even knew about. Will definitely be doing future trainings.     – Jen

I came into this course with prior experience, but due to fear and lack of confidence, I stopped practicing. This course was the perfect re-introduction for me to learn and polish skills in a safe environment that helped me to come out of the “Spiritual Closet”. It was like my hand was being held as I walked through this course, always felt safe and supported.      – O

Deb was an amazing, supportive teacher, coach and guide. Everything was explained in easy to understand language and the support was always offered no mater what level you were at. This is a great intro class for anyone wanting to develop their Spiritual capability.      – Anya


 Start Date: Sunday June 17th, 2018 from 7pm to 8:30pm for 6 Weeks

Investment: $249

Instructor: Deb Bullions (CACR, Psychic & Medium)

To book phone (07) 5500 4299 or phone/text Deb on (04)14 199 047.

Limited placements available. Deposit required to secure a placement. Payment plan available when one week is paid in advance. Course materials provided.


Graduates of previous Spiritual Development courses (with Deb)



Mediumship Development

Feeling called to step into your Mediumship capabilities? Join us to learn to connect with people who are now in Spirit to bring hope, joy and healing to those who need to hear from their departed loved ones. This course covers:

– Developing ‘The Clairs’ – Connecting with Spirit – Boundary and protection work – Library of signs –  Structuring / formatting a reading – Psychometry – Managing multiples –

Who might benefit from this course?

> Anyone feeling called to be a Medium.

> People who have had visitations or some experience with Spirits but are unsure how to re-create the experiences at will.

> Those with Mediumship abilities who would like to sharpen their skills and practice in a safe environment with like minded class-mates and/or to up-level to being a confident paid professional.

> Alternative health professionals (i.e. Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, etc.) who receive information from the ‘loved ones’ of those they treat while providing treatments but are unsure of what to do with it

Feedback from previous course participants:

“When I first started in Deb’s Mediumship course, I was both nervous and excited. Under Deb’s gentle and encouraging guidance, I have learned that I can REALLY do this! My confidence is growing as is my ability. Thank you so much Deb!” – Tara

“I have seen huge growth within myself during the course. My trust in myself and my confidence has expanded so much from the first class. I now have the knowledge and skills to work with my abilities.” – O

“Amazing as always! I learn so much from Deb every time. She has such a wonderful ability to gently guide you along with raising your self-confidence in your own abilities.” – Anya

Start Date: Sunday June 17th – 4:30pm to 6:30pm for 6 Weeks

Investment: $249

Prerequisites: It’s recommended that participants complete the Spiritual Development course prior to attending this Mediumship course to ensure that you get the most out of it, however you can opt to take this course without it.

Instructor: Deb Bullions (CACR, Psychic & Medium)

To book phone (07) 5500 4299 or (04)14 199 047.

Limited placements available. Deposit required to secure a placement. Payment plan available when one week is paid in advance. All course materials provided.

Photo: Deb with some of the previous Mediumship course graduates.


Psychic Development – Level 2

Interested in developing your Psychic abilities further? This intermediate level course could be just what you are looking for!

This in-depth course for Psychics (those who can see past, present and future) covers:

 – ‘The Clairs’ –  Formatting and structuring readings (to a professional standard) –  Aura readings –  Pendulum readings –

Tarot/Oracle;   Life readings –  Life purpose readings – Romance readings – Health readings and scans –  Combined method readings

Who might benefit from this course?

> People who have demonstrated capability but are seeking training to create a firm foundation and consistency across a wider range of skills.

> Those with Psychic abilities who desire to up-level to being a confident paid professional

> Those with Psychic abilities who would like to expand their range of skills

> Paid professional Psychics who would like to expand the services that they can provide

> Alternative health professionals (i.e. Reiki practitioners, Massage Therapists) who receive Spiritual information while providing treatments but are unsure of what to do with it

Start Date: Monday 18th June, 2018  7 PM to 8:30 PM for 6 Weeks

Investment: $249

Instructor: Deb Bullions (CACR, Psychic & Medium)

To book phone (07) 5500 4299 or (04)14 199 047.

Limited placements available. Deposit required to secure a placement. Payment plan available when one week is paid in advance.

Please Note: It will be necessary to bring, or purchase, specific types of Tarot/Oracle decks. (We recommend discussing it with the instructor prior to purchasing them.)


Spirit Circles


Weds TBA, 7PM to 9PM

Join us at a gathering of like minded individuals for an evening of allowing our creativity to flow and practicing our Spiritual skills.

The evening will begin with a meditation to center ourselves and set our intentions after which, we will participate in a creative activity.

Lastly, we will provide intuitive readings for one another.

Investment: $20

Places limited. Phone or text Deb on (04)14 199 047 to secure your spot!

Circle Leader: Deb Bullions

Materials for creativity projects will be provided (unless specified otherwise).

Please bring your own Tarot/Oracle cards and/or pendulums or rune stones or other (as desired).



We hold regular Reiki Attunement Workshops for all levels. Our next Reiki workshops are as follows:

Reiki I Course

Reiki 1 Attunement Workshop

Join our Reiki Masters for a day of Reiki training. You will receive two attunements, learn to provide Reiki for yourself and others, and receive certification upon successful completion of the course.

Please bring a light lunch for yourself. Tea, coffee and water are provided.

Date: Sunday 26 August, 2018 from 9am to 4pm

Course Investment: $200

Instructor: Anne Cram (Reiki Master)

Prerequisites: None

To secure your placement please phone (07) 5500-4299.



Reiki II Course

Reiki 2 Attunement Workshop 

Join our Reiki Master for a day of Level 2 Reiki training. Receive your attunement, learn the use of the Reiki Symbols, provide and receive Reiki from your classmates.

Please bring a light lunch for yourself. Tea, coffee and water are provided.

Date: Sunday 29th July, 9am – 4pm

Course Investment: $225

Pre-requisite: Reiki I certification

Phone us on (07) 5500 4299 to book or for further information. 



Reiki Share Night – Last Wednesday of each month

Reiki Share Night (1)

A night for those Reiki Practioners (those already Reiki Attuned) to come together to provide each other with healing Reiki. Experience the profound healing of receiving Reiki from multiple practioners simultaneously and participate in providing it for others.

This is a wonderful way to defrag the mind and detox the physical body.

Phone us on (07) 5500 4299 to secure your spot.

Investment: $10.00

Pre-requisite: Reiki training (any level) and attunement

Date: TBA

Bookings are not essential but please phone so we have an idea of the numbers.




Mindfulness Course

Manifest your Destiny

Mindfulness trains your body to thrive, reduces stress, boosts creativity and may even strengthen neural pathways.

Sleep better, relieve anxiety, boost immune system, allow better focus

This course includes:

 – Meditation –

 – Personal safety –

 – Goal setting –

– Power of attraction –

– Vision boarding –

Learn the tools to manifest your destiny!

Day or evening options available!

Start Dates:

EVENINGS: Tuesday August 21st, 2018 for 6 weeks from 6pm to 7:30pm

Investment: $140

Course Instructor: Maggie Perry – Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Nutrition, Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine, B Comp Med.

To book please phone (07) 5500 4299. Limited spaces available (this course is capped at 8 participants).






Come and sit, sip chai and connect in shared conversation… for transformation of personal consciousness.


Learn how to: Share stories and adopt a different perspective for how you see, feel and BE with your life

Move into your soul’s way of seeing

Live with more freedom and peace


Facilitator: Kel Green – M.A body, mind energy psychology

When: Monday August 13th, 10am – 11.30am

Bring: Your own cup for home-made chai (both dairy and non-dairy options available), personal journal and pen

Cost: $15

Bookings essential: Either through the Healing Cottage or contact Kel directly on 0439007999




PLEASE NOTE: If you have missed the commencement of any of these courses or events, please phone us on

(07) 5500 4299 to pre-register your interest for when it runs again.