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We regularly hold courses on Reiki Attunement Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master Training and more.
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The Healing Cottage... A place where you can join together and share with others on their healing and transformational journeys.

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I have to say a big thanks to Beth, my right shoulder and upper arm has been painful for some time, and after a good treatment from her yesterday, where she focused on the issue, I have woken pain free. my arm and shoulder feels like new. thanks Beth, you're full of magic

- Paula, Facebook

Annie and her team are amazing. They go above and beyond for their clients. They truly do care.

- Deanna, Facebook

Thank you Annie for fitting me in yesterday. I feel so much better today, Your healing hands and words relaxed my body, kneaded out my knots and headache disappeared. Thank you so much xx

- Melissa, Facebook

The healing cottage has long been recommended to me by people I know and trust.
I finally felt it was the right time to attend a level 1 attunement.
The day felt natural and calming, it was a space and time to open myself to the universal energy flowing through me.
Wonderful day with wonderful people. Highly recommended to anyone ready for this stage of their journey.

- Adam, Facebook

I had the best day attending Reiki I! Annie is amazing. I’m not a hugger but she got not one but three massive hugs from me.
I can’t wait for Reiki II.

- Hayley, Facebook